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Rung ladder revised bracket design

Video transcript

Hello and welcome to our next Tek Talk.

Today, I’m going to be going over the new bracket that we have for the top of our Kattsafe ladder system.

You’ll notice a slight change in the shape of the hole here, and that is to facilitate the ladder being attached to the landing. When it’s at a 75 degree angle, it makes it a lot easier to get in the T-bolt.

So I’m going to go over that in a little bit in detail now.

So there’s two things to remember. Either you have the ladder at 75 degrees or vertical 90 degrees,. When the ladder is at 75 degrees like we have here. What you’re going to do is measure 1040mm from the top of the ladder, so 1040mm. And then we make a mark on the stile and that will be the position for our bracket.

If you’re doing a vertical ladder system, it’ll be 1055mm. So 1040mm for 75 degree ladder, 1055mm for a vertical or 90 degree ladder.

Okay. So once you’ve made that mark, you can see our mark here, I’m then going to attach this bracket to the ladder, get the T-bolt ready, and position my bracket in line with the top of the line and just hold it in place there. Fix this one. And now with this, with this bolt assembly, you can see how we get that in. Basically just slides in the side, and gets into position there and then we can tighten.

Okay. So here we have a close up now. Just to recap, we measure 1040mm from the top of the stile. This is to ensure that the landing is level with the top of the rung, very important. Align the top of the bracket with the line on the stile, fix it into place. And this can be done prior to it even going into position, so fix the bracket into place, and then that is the required height, for the landing we simply slide the bolt in as shown and then tighten up, and that’ll ensure that the landing is level with the top rung.

Okay, so there you have it. So just to recap, the whole idea of this is that that bracket gets attached to the ladder head prior to it going into the assembly. So you can have the bracket attached to this ladder at the correct height and you simply bring in the landing and then attach your T-bolts through the side. And of course, when it’s a vertical system, it’s the same again, but just attach it at 1055mm.

So there you have it. Thanks for watching.