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Sayfa is now Kattsafe

We’ve built a name for ourselves by continuously innovating safer, simpler height access and fall protection systems, and now it’s time for our business to evolve too.

Bringing everything we do under one new name makes it even simpler to work with us and use our products. And behind it all, we’re still the same team, quality products, and customer service that you’ve come to expect.

Toyota Hydrogen Centre

Designing a perfect access solution for management and personnel

Kattsafe walkway and guardrail systems installed at the Toyota Hydrogen Centre in Altona, Victoria
The situation

Toyota's manufacturing facility in Altona employed more than 3,000 workers. The plant closed in 2017, however it has now been recommissioned and is Victoria's first commercial-grade permanent hydrogen production, storage and refuelling facility.

While there have been upgrades to the plant, mainly in the areas of additional solar arrays, the original structures remain mostly the same.

The saw tooth roof lines are abundant with plant equipment, air conditioning units and solar panels. A roof access system for use by maintenance personnel had to integrate with the existing equipment whilst still maintaining a high level of compliance and safety.

"Providing compliant systems that require minimal user competence but still ensure maximum protection was key."


A blend of various Kattsafe products were installed to ensure worker safety and easy access.

Step ladders, crossovers and rung ladders, now supply seamless and compliant access between the varying roof levels.

Walkways and guardrails provide controlled access to specific areas with the added benefit that there is no specialist training required for their use. They also offer the highest level of fall protection possible.

Other systems installed include rigid rails, static line systems and Kattsafe proprietary anchors, which provide additional fall protection. Requiring a higher level of competency, operation manuals are supplied with all of these systems, to ensure that operators are fully conversant in their use and to guarantee that workers feel protected and confident to perform their duties.

Offering the building owner increased peace of mind by ensuring their Duty of Care is fully covered is invaluable. This is even more important due to the introduction of new Workplace Manslaughter Laws which are in force in most Australian states. These laws can see Building Owners / Managers held accountable should a death occur at their workplace. The consequences, if found guilty, can be jail sentences and huge fines.