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Sayfa is now Kattsafe

We’ve built a name for ourselves by continuously innovating safer, simpler height access and fall protection systems, and now it’s time for our business to evolve too.

Bringing everything we do under one new name makes it even simpler to work with us and use our products. And behind it all, we’re still the same team, quality products, and customer service that you’ve come to expect.

20 Years saving lives

Video transcript

So this year marks our 20th anniversary for the commencement of Sayfa. So back in 2002, when there was only five of us together we started installing access and fall protection systems. It became very clear to us that there was no proprietary systems available for installation, and that's where we commenced manufacturing our own systems for our own installation. As the years went on, we were getting more and more enquiry to purchase our products until we got to 2008, where we made a decision in the company to move away from installations into the supply and manufacture of specialist access and fall protection products.

Sayfa products have always had the hallmark of world class quality. We know of a number of lives that Sayfa products have saved, which has given us immense passion and drive to continue developing in this industry, and to ensure that we provide safer workplaces in and around the world. Which has led us to where the company is today, 20 years later. With the staff of over 130, and servicing right across Australia and New Zealand, and in a number of countries overseas.

Yeah, so the early days at Sayfa were, were a challenge, but I think that drove our innovation for development of new systems. What would make it easier for the installer on-site? And that's become our, you might say our business model. Sayfa's the market leader in Australia on all things height safety in my opinion.

We do everything well. We're a one stop shop, and that's what makes us special. Our quality, our attention to detail and our determination to set the standard has really led us to be the market leader and to be the industry leader. We are committed and have been committed for a period of 20 years to saving lives.

Well, we save lives. And I think that's the interesting thing about Sayfa is that everyone really does believe that, everyone does think that we can make a difference. We save lives. I think that's really what Sayfa is.

We are innovating and creating products to bring every worker home safely at the end of the day. It's the people I think, our culture is huge everybody supports everybody and, we're a big happy team. A lot of companies say they have a great family culture but here at Sayfa it actually is a really wonderful place. Because of team members like, if there is no team, there is no success.

The relationships we've built over the past 20 years is really what has kept us going and will keep us going. We have a very good understanding of our customers and what they need. I guess Sayfa have achieved a bit more than most organisations within 20 years. They've experienced amazing growth from very small beginnings.

You think about all that's happened in governments and around the world, for a company to be prosperous after 20 years is an achievement. It's a testament to Sayfa's success, that 20 years strong and I guess you know, we'll sit down in another 20 years time and talk about the success a bit further as well. I think that Sayfa has lasted 20 years because of just, great decision making. Those big decisions made in the past, you can really see how it opened up new markets for Sayfa.

For Sayfa to be at this time and still growing, we must be doing the right thing. Nothing can stop the Sayfa juggernaut, it's great. 20 Years from now, safety still going to be around, and we're going to be around for that and I know that we're going to be there to help support and keep people safer even up till then.