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Concrete mount anchor edge distance

Video transcript

Welcome to today’s Tek Talk.

Today I’m going to go over the question that often comes up in relation to edge distance on concrete.

So, we have various different types of anchors here and you’ll notice in our installation manual we always referred to a minimum of 200mm away from the concrete with possible. Now 200mm is a good safe, shall we say, safe dimension that’ll always allow for enough tension and that there won’t be any breakout of the concrete edge. However, we understand in some circumstances there’s often situations where you may not be able to get 200mm away from the edge.

At that point, you will need to consult with the chemset manufacturer to ensure what their recommended minimum distances are. So, just another bit of technical information if you have a wedge type anchor like this one here, where it actually tries to expand the concrete, the edge distance is obviously going to be more than if we had a chemical fixed type anchor where the anchor just goes in and there’s no pressure outwards on the concrete.

So for instance, in some situations again must be consulted with the chemset manufacturer, in some situations you can go as close to as 80mm from the edge of the concrete. Again it depends on concrete strength, the type of concrete and the reinforcing and so on.

So, just to reiterate Kattsafe recommends a minimum 200mm from the edge from any join or any edge distance of the concrete but if you cannot get 200mm, you must refer to the chemset manufacturer recommendations and always include that information with your handover manual so that there’s no questions asked afterwards.

Some people like Hilti they’ve a computer-generated design manual called Profis Software and it’s a very good software to use that’ll give you all the loads and you can apply the loads and it will still tell you what the minimum distance is that you can go from the edge.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Kattsafe Sales Team.

Thanks again.

REMEMBER: A concrete mount anchor should always be pull tested as per Australian Standards before use.