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Sayfa is now Kattsafe

We’ve built a name for ourselves by continuously innovating safer, simpler height access and fall protection systems, and now it’s time for our business to evolve too.

Bringing everything we do under one new name makes it even simpler to work with us and use our products. And behind it all, we’re still the same team, quality products, and customer service that you’ve come to expect.

How to install Kattsafe platforms and stairs

Video transcript

Welcome to the installation video for pre-assembled Kattsafe access platform system using the proprietary Kattsafe T-bolt and T-slot configuration. Your Kattsafe flat pack kit will be delivered pre-assemble, so this means that the platform, stair and support legs will be already assembled for quick final assembly. To begin assembly turn your platform section over and start fixing the posts into the platform using the 4 T-bolts per post. To engage a T-bolt just slide it into the slot and fix it using the rattle gun.

Once secured, ensure that the slot on the top of the bolt is perpendicular to the slot in the extrusion it is fixed to. This ensures that the T-bolt is engaged correctly. Do not over tighten. Next flip the platform over to stand onto the posts and lift the stair section into position lining up the extrusion and bracket slots.

Fix the two T-bolts into each section of the stair mounting brackets as shown. To install the guardrail posts around the platform we measure 100 millimeters in from the edge to locate the first guardrail post position. Align the fixing plate to the mark and fix in place using two T-bolts. Repeat for all platform guardrail posts.

To install the handrail, place each precut section onto the top of the guardrail posts and join with the handrail elbow. This will allow you to line both sections up correctly, ensuring the true square positioning. Fix the elbow into place using a tek screw on the underside of both handrail sections. To fix the stair posts position the side of the stairs section and fix using two T-bolts.

You must locate the T-bolts in the bottom slot first, then align and insert the T-bolts into the top slot and then fasten off, making sure that they are leveled and straight. To ensure the stair posts are parallel measure the distance between them at the top and bottom and adjust if necessary. Use a level if required. For the stair handrail insert the elbow into the tube section and line up in the top of the stair post, inserting the other end of the elbow into the other handrail section.

You will need to ensure that both are sitting on top of the post before fixing off. Fix the handrail to the nearest post using a tek screw to hold the handrail in position. Fix the elbow in place with the tek screw on the underside of the handrail on both sides. Now fix the remaining handrails and posts together using one tek screw on either side on the top of the pos.

To do the kneerail we’ll now mark 450 millimeters down from the top of each post. This is where the kneerail will be positioned. Insert the kneerail elbow into one neural tube and fix it using a tek screw on the side section. Join and fix the elbow with the other kneerail extrusion.

You can now place the kneerails against the post to keep them square and mark on the kneerail tube where the middle of the post lines up and then we will lift this into place and fix the kneerail to each post using two 48 millimeter tek screws per post. To do the kneerail down the stair section it is much the same with the elbow inserted and fixed into each extrusion. The kneerail will run parallel with the top handrail, so once you have it in position, fix it off to the post with the two 48 millimeter tek screws. To install the toe board place one section against the bottom of the post and fix into the post using two of the 20 mil tek screws, making sure that the edges are flush with the platform.

We then slide the two cup bolts into the slots at the back of the toe board, place the corner bracket over them and tighten the nut. Slide the remaining two cup bolts into the slots at the back of the other toe board section and put the angle into place tightening the nuts fully. Screw the second toward section into the post using the two tek screws. Lastly, we fill out the company label with the relevant data and stick it onto the side of the platform.

And that is how you carry out the final assembly of the preassembled system. It is very simple and easy and no special skills or tools are required. Once assembled, the platform can be further adjusted when necessary to perfectly suit your side conditions. For any other information, please refer to the Kattsafe website.