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Sayfa is now Kattsafe

We’ve built a name for ourselves by continuously innovating safer, simpler height access and fall protection systems, and now it’s time for our business to evolve too.

Bringing everything we do under one new name makes it even simpler to work with us and use our products. And behind it all, we’re still the same team, quality products, and customer service that you’ve come to expect.

Kattsafe modular access systems overview

Video transcript

The KOMBI modular access system is a world leading access innovation. Developed for ultimate ease of design, delivery, assembly and use. Assembly is simple, using the proprietary KOMBI T-bolt and slot system creating rigid configurations to suit all your needs. No special equipment or training is necessary to install and assemble the KOMBI system, and no cranage is required due to the lightweight aluminium construction.

It's no-weld, modular design allows for easy adjustment on-site as required. Designing a KOMBI system is made simple using the KOMBI Builda online configurator. Allowing you to draw, plan and design a fit-for-purpose system for your project, then order it using the configurator parts list, once complete. Where plans do not reflect actual site conditions, the modularity of the KOMBI system allows for changes to be made on-site, saving you time and money and ensuring the system fits every time.

The KOMBI system can be pre-assembled into sections by our expert team to enable efficient final assembly on-site, or can be delivered flat-packed, allowing easy handling and storage with each unit supplied in kit form. KOMBI modular access system, it's smarter, easier, and faster.