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Rung ladder vertical fall arrest line installation

Video transcript

Welcome to the next Tek Talk for the rung ladder vertical fall arrest system (LD437A).

You’ll notice there is a few small changes in the system which would like to bring to your attention.

Once you have the cable system swaged up we will then attach it to the top fall arrest bracket making sure that it is the swaged connection at the top of the ladder not the tensioner.

Please note that with our new ladders there is a an additional hole in the top of the fall arrest bracket. This is an additional attachment point for a fall arrest connection point. So, if you have a harness with a lanyard and you need to connect to this point whilst possibly lifting up equipment and so on you can then use this attachment hole for an anchorage point.

Alright, so once you’ve attached the top connection point we will then proceed to the base of the ladder and connect the bottom plate. You’ll notice the plate is slotted so we use two T-Bolts in this connection using the impact gun wrench and insert the two bolts doing them up tightly and we generally attach this bracket within about 300mm or 400mm from the base of the ladder so if there is a door it won’t obstruct the door.

Undo the tensioner slightly so you have enough tension to tension up the cable. Once you’ve inserted the pin in the spring clip as previously making sure that it’s done correctly we will then remove the Allen key and then undo the grub screw slightly so that you can ensure that the cable will be inserted correctly.

Align the vertical fall arrest cable next to the tensioner and you’ll see a smaller line there you can cut the cable, that is at the base of the tensioning device. To cut the cable we use either wire cutters or a small angle grinder making sure that you don’t damage the cable. It must be inserted into the tensioning device correctly and again I’ll just re-emphasise the fact that the tensioning device must be at the base of the ladder as it is not a fall arrest rated tensioning device.

Once the cable’s inserted correctly you can then do up the grub screws, tighten up against the cable and then we will tension up the cable device. Do not over tension this, it only just needs to remove the slack in the cable.

Tighten up the two lock nuts against the turn body on the top and the bottom of the tensioning device and, that is it, you have now installed a vertical fall arrest system. Double check that you’ve done all your connections correctly and that the pins are all inserted correctly.

Thank you for watching.