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Top mount rapid anchor facts and figures

Video transcript

Hello and welcome. Today I’m going to be going over a couple of the facts and features of our new AP135 Rapid Anchor Point. Firstly, this anchor point is made of a very high tensile aluminum profile. So it is aluminum, but it’s also powdercoated. That means that no matter what surface you put this on there is no dissimilar metal issues.

It’ll also come prefixed with the EPDM seals on the bottom of the anchor plate. So there’s no need for additional sealant for the penetrations. Once you’ve got the rivet in the top and the EPDM seal, that’s enough sealant. Also the markings on this plate are all on the swivel. So the branding, the rating and so on.

It also has a QR code here which you can scan and that will take you to the operation manual, installation manual or any other details required for this anchor plate. And you’ll notice it does come with a little slot at the top here that is for the installer to attach their tag. So something similar to this one here where we have an installer tag on this plate.

I want to make this known that we do not supply the tags with these plates because most installers have their own tags. If you require tags that is sold separately, please make sure that when you’re ordering, let us know if you need the tags or not. (Refer to AP176.)

So these anchors are rated at a 15kN fall arrest load. They come with these shock absorbing load indicators. So at any point when there’s a fall on this anchor, you’ll be able to see these load indicators, which are these small little rings here will deploy. So at any point when you come and do the inspection, you’ll see a slot, a hole in the front here, or that this has moved.

And then you know that a fall or a load has been applied to the anchor. One of the features that I will say on this anchor is that it is designed to withstand an abseil load after a fall event has taken place. So if there is a rescue required off the anchor point that someone has taken a fall, the rescuer can attach on this same anchor and then perform the rescue.

Obviously, it’s not made for everyday rope access or abseil applications, but it is made that if someone does take a fall and they require rescue, you can rescue off that same anchor. Obviously, and also conforms to the AS5532 which has the static and the dynamic tests in all directions. That is imperative for any anchor point to have the AS5532 testing standards. (Learn more about the requirements for compliance to Australian Standard AS5532.)

A couple other things in the box. As I said before, it comes with ten anchors in the box. So when you open it up, I’ve already taken two out, there are the anchors in there, it comes with the bulk fixing pack of the rivets and it also comes with screws. Now, in most applications, you’ll probably be using rivets only, but we do include the screws for the purlins for steel.

And they can also be used in timber as well if you want to fix it to the purlin as well as the roof sheeting. So just a quick one on that. Obviously, preference is always to fix to the purlins where possible, but this anchor is 100% designed for fixings with rivets only, and it does come with a one page instruction manual.

So it shows all the different types of roofs, Clip Lock, the Trim Deck style and the corrugated style roofs and where it’s going to be placed on that roof. That is very important when using rivets only. But just to re-emphasise, if you’re using the screws, then it makes no, it does not matter where you put the plate in relation to the roof lap.

So it comes as a single page. But if you’re requiring additional information, scan the QR code here on the box and that takes you to the full manual for the installation of our AP135 Rapid anchor. So there you have it. These are AP135 Rapid anchor plates. We know this product is going to save lives. Make sure you can install it correctly and also save a life.

Thank you.