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Structural mount mega post overview

Video transcript

Welcome to the overview of our next great product, the mega post.

The mega post is used as a structural anchorage component, where the anchorage may need to be raised in certain situations, such as if we have a ballast on a roof deck area, or you may have a garden bed so that the anchorage needs to come through the garden bed and then you attach your anchorage to that.

The other main reason why we have the mega post or the raised anchorage point is that also reduces your fall distance. So, if you have an area where you have a very narrow edge and you need to raise the anchorage to reduce your fall distance, that means you can attach to the device at the waist level that then reduces fall distance. So Mega Post raises the anchorage point for those situations.

So, here we have the range of our mega posts, all aluminum, structural, aluminum construction. There’s the 400mm, then the 600mm high, the 800mm and the 1m high. Should also mention that they can be custom made. So, if you have anything where you need to bring it to a certain level for whatever reason, we can custom make as well.

Another great advantage of the mega post being an aluminum, it’s a real light weight but structural column. All our mega posts are rated to minimum of 18kN in any direction so that’s 18kN, there and 18kN in that direction as well, which means that you can pretty well attach any of our components to that mega post, whether it be two eyebolts for a two user application for rope access or whether it be the rigid rail system or static line system, or just a single anchorage itself. So virtually anything can now be attached on top of the mega post.

The other great advantage, obviously, with the system is that we can attach it to the concrete using the chemical application (SD944E extreme strength epoxy adhesive and SD944F fast cure epoxy adhesive). So very similar to our davit base system, we use the epoxy adhesive applications, but just bear in mind that the best application for mega post would always be a cast-in cage system using AP160 Cage Bolt System. Obviously, that eliminates the need for any pull testing or ongoing pull testing of the system.

So, part of the mega post, because there’s so many different attachments that can go on to it, one of the attachment kits we have is this particular one here, which is made specifically for our Static Line kit.

You can see here that we have this stainless steel plate that then gets bolted to this aluminum top plate. And then, for instance, the SL201 can be used on this in this application like a standard End Stanchion and be used in all the different configurations or depending on the different directions there. So that’s that plate.

And then on top of that, we can then use the corner application where we have the corner mounting system, we can get bolted in there and again can go into in any direction as well. So that’s one of the attachment kits that we have for the mega post system.

Obviously, if you’re using just the intermediate, then you get bolt it just to one side. And the beauty of the mega post being 18kN rated is that in a situation of a Static Line you’re going to have another anchor point there and that can be used for rescue or rope access at the same time.

So, you can have a static line system and rope access rescue or just general rope access off the same mega post. So, there you have it. That’s a great advantage of the mega post system. So, thank you for watching.