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We’ve built a name for ourselves by continuously innovating safer, simpler height access and fall protection systems, and now it’s time for our business to evolve too.

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Rope access needle overview

RAPTOR Needles are an Australian made product and designed as a rope access anchorage device where access over non load bearing parapets, balustrades and light weight curtain walls is required.

Rope access is commonly required for building inspections and general maintenance of external facades, windows and equipment that cannot be accessed from a platform or enclosed safety system.

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Video transcript

The RAPTOR Needle System is a robust, engineered rope access system. Used where rope access over non load bearing parapets, balustrades and light weight curtain walls is required.

It is Australian made and designed to withstand a 15kN load on the standard Needle and a 12kN load on the larger units with increased extension.

Its lightweight modular construction consists of three main components: the boom, the A – frame and boom brace. The Needle comes in 3 standard configurations, and can be mounted in several ways, including concrete, metal roof deck and fixed rail mounts. It is a great option for metal deck roofs where the rope access load needs to be spread to avoid damage to the roof deck.

The RAPTOR Needle is designed for ultimate user safety.

The telescopic boom can be adjusted in length using locking pins, allowing for situations where extra reach may be needed for more efficient façade access. The Needle’s unique modular design allows it to be configured in length and height, and the option of a custom design is available based on a project’s specific needs.

The RAPTOR Needle is a lightweight structural aluminum-built system with no moving parts or risk of rust or corrosion. It can be constructed with a small two-man team due to the lightweight material and simple construction.

The RAPTOR Needle has been tested to Australian and New Zealand standards and is built using the highest quality materials and engineering excellence.

The RAPTOR Needle.

A rope access solution made easy.