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SD900 New chemical anchor range

Video transcript

Welcome to our next Tek Talk.

Today I’m going to be introducing our new range of chemical epoxy, which we’re introducing to our range for chemical anchors.

These are the AF (Allfasteners) range of chemical epoxies. The first one we have here is our VF22 Pro. This particular one is the high strength, fast cure. So the VF stands for the fast cure, and that basically ranges anything from two to four hours thereabout depending on temperature. This can be used for all our standard single point anchorages where you require 15kN strength. So for our AP125’s, our AP127’s, any of those single type anchorages. Obviously the applicator gun for that is this one here, it’s also in a 410mm cartridge, so it gives you a lot more epoxy then the standard range.

We then have the EF500. So this is the extreme strength structural grade chemical epoxy, which is used for our davit bases and the mega post so anything that requires a lot more strength than the standard. Obviously this one is a longer curing time, also depending on the weather and so on the temperature, it does take longer to cure but it is a lot stronger. Also the applicator gun is different for that type, but we have the range of all.

Also pleased to know that we have tested these chemical epoxies to the AS5532 with our anchorage system. So we have full data on all the testing on that as well.

We also offer the air pumps and the wire brushes, to go with the system, and of course spare nozzles where required.

So, we’re very happy to introduce the two epoxies to our range, and please make sure that you use this next time you require any of our anchor range for the concrete fixing applications.

Thank you.