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Sayfa is now Kattsafe

We’ve built a name for ourselves by continuously innovating safer, simpler height access and fall protection systems, and now it’s time for our business to evolve too.

Bringing everything we do under one new name makes it even simpler to work with us and use our products. And behind it all, we’re still the same team, quality products, and customer service that you’ve come to expect.

THE LINE Proposal

Our proposal

We were inspired to reach out to the team at NEOM, to propose a simple, safe and robust height safety & rope access package for the the greatest place to live and visit in the world. THE LINE.

THE LINE is an incredible step forward into our future, and we believe our newest innovation, the rigid stealth rail shares the same innovation mindset, set to simplify and improve the rope access and fall protection industry greatly.

Major projects team
Major Projects Director
Rick Voss
General Manager
Anton Voss
Technical & Product Development Manager
Murray Voss
Head Structural/Civil Engineer
Kannan Bala

We can help you through the design, specification and installation of a full height safety, fall protection and rope access system package, making sure maintenance undertaken on THE LINE will always be done safely, and efficiently.

Stealth: the future of rope access

Providing smooth, uninterrupted access to elevated locations providing total safety and user confidence, the rigid stealth rail can be used for both rope access and fall arrest applications.

Ideal for inspection and maintenance of multilevel facades, atriums, green walls, PV cells, roof areas and much more.

Technical details
  • Rated for fall arrest and rope access, and rescue loads after a fall

  • Designed to be used in any direction

  • Removable trolley with braking functionality

  • Roof deck or concrete mount options

  • Minimum radius of 300mm in vertical and horizontal axis

  • Fully compliant with Australasian and Saudi Arabian Standards

Rigid stealth rail

The Kattsafe rigid stealth rail is a revolutionary height access and fall protection system, designed to complement building aesthetics, improve installation and provide fail-safe systems for the user's safety.


We have a full team of experts, who design height safety system layouts for projects across the globe.

These system layouts are always the most cost-effective and efficient way to ensure maintenance on your project is done in accordance with regulations, and at the highest standard.

Major Kattsafe Projects
  • Complete
    Saphire Gardens, 308 Exhibition Street Melbourne
  • Tender
    Beulah Apartments, 60 Southbank Blvd Melbourne
  • In construction
    Western Sydney International Airport
  • Complete
    Premier Tower, Melbourne
  • Complete
    Collians Arch, Melbourne
  • Complete
    Quay Quarter Tower
  • Tender
    Atlassian Building, Sydney
  • Complete
    AAMI Park Stadium, Melbourne