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Why Height Safety Doesn’t Have To Compromise Solar Space

Why Height Safety Doesn’t Have To Compromise Solar Space

Worried about compromising your solar space for height safety? Don’t be! This article explains how you can have both without any sacrifices.

Height safety systems and solar panels/systems often compete for space on a building’s roof. This is because both systems are most efficient when optimum space is available. Unfortunately, in some cases this results in reducing the area covered by solar, which in turn limits the amount of energy they produce for the building, which is not ideal.  

Here are 3 ways to increase the amount of solar on your roof when specifying height safety systems.

1. Swap Anchor Points for a Static Line System.

This uses space much more efficiently and does not require as much area.

Anchor Point Layout showing reduced number of solar panels and available area.

Static Line Systems can be installed closer to the edge, allowing a greater amount of solar panels to be installed.

2. Use Guardrail around the perimeter of your roof.

This takes away the need for any other height safety system to be installed in the way of solar systems.

3. Install your solar on a raised platform or HVAC platform above all other roof equipment

This approach separates the solar system from the height safety system so they do not compete for roof space. This is typically seen as the least desirable option, as it involves a more extensive and excessive solution.

To make sure all three options are possible with your building, get in touch with Kattsafe early in the building design phase. This will allow us to work with solar sub-contractors and ensure a good outcome to maximise solar efficiency, whilst keeping maintenance workers safe.  

For assistance on your next project, contact our Design Consultants who can ensure you specify fit for purpose products and can provide a compliant fall protection system layout.

When it comes to solar installations, height safety should never be compromised. Working at heights can be dangerous, and it’s crucial to prioritise the safety of workers and anyone else involved in the installation process.

Don’t let the fear of compromising your solar space deter you from implementing proper height safety measures.

For more information and solar panel industry guidance, regulations and standards visit: https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/solar-industry-guidance.