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Sandown Raceway project

Video transcript

Just a bit of an overview on this project. I think we just want to say how well the project's gone and just the way that you fellows worked through this whole exercise of getting this walkway on and so on and so forth. I suppose from Kattsafe’s side it's been a real great experience working with your team.

The thing that I really enjoy about your team is the knowledge that they have with the industry standards and the products as well. On a project this size, we want to have our suppliers we can rely on with the quality product and also assurance that it's going to be provided in the right time frame. With this project, it's obviously quite a large project and it’s taken quite a while to roll out and to have Kattsafe supporting us I guess the whole way through that journey really increases our relationship with the client.

Being able to provide a system installed in the timeframe they expected it. Takes a team to put it together, but I think that's why we like working with you fellas and just a great shout out to your team. They did a fantastic job. Hi, guys.

I'm Casey. I'm the Project Manager from Melbourne Anchor Safe. In total there's approximately 34 step ladders altogether, plus a couple of crossovers as well. I think all up there was around 280 metres of 600 series platform across the whole project.

Yes, so I'm Steve Fairclough. I'm the Assistant Facilities Manager for the Melbourne Racing Club. We have three venues, Sandown, Mornington and Caulfield. As you can see, we've got quite a bit of plant up on the roof here, so it was important that we kept all our contractors safe. I mean originally when before this got on, it used to be an old timber walkway that used to, went from one end to the other and we had old steel ladders that used to go over each parapet.

As you can see, the outcome of it's been great. Contractors love it, to be honest with you, it’s so easy for them. Yeah. Yeah.

So we have contractors coming up here. Yeah. So we have, we have some of the TV guys that come up here yeah, we have the AC guys and we also have refrigeration guys so it is quite a heavily used area so, you know, safety was paramount too. Obviously for our contractors.