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Herald Sun Building, Melbourne VIC

An iconic building In Melbourne’s CBD, the Herald Sun Building was constructed in 1928 to house the newspaper publication, the Herald Sun. Nowadays, it is home to apartment, office and retail complexes, and its façade construction and design was heritage-listed to preserve the historic landmark.

The Herald Sun Building is an iconic structure located in Melbourne's CBD. It was originally built in 1928 to serve as the headquarters of the Herald Sun newspaper publication. Today, it houses various apartment, office, and retail complexes. Its façade were heritage-listed to preserve the building's 100-year-old design.

To preserve and maintain the façade, a lightweight and easy-to-install rope access solution was required. The solution had to blend into the building design to maintain its aesthetic appeal.


Herald Sun Building, Melbourne VIC




Our rigid rail system was chosen as the ideal solution, as it could mount to the exterior of the building with minimal damage or impact to the structure.

The system was powder-coated to match the exterior colour of the building, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the architecture, and making it nearly invisible to the naked eye.

The continuous rail system enabled rope access technicians to move laterally across the building façade, providing uninterrupted access to all areas for ongoing maintenance.

The benefit of our rigid rail’s aluminium build, was the significant weight reduction, making the installation process a lot easier. Moreover, it provided a clear advantage over steel systems as it would not put unnecessary weight or load on the building structure itself. An added benefit of using aluminium is that it significantly increases the lifespan of the system, allowing it to last as long as the iconic building it’s installed to.

Project outcome

It’s amazing to see how seamlessly the rigid rail blends into the façade. It looks like it is part of the architecture, which is a great outcome for such an iconic building in Melbourne's history.

Murray Voss, Technical Manager