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Rope access anchor distance calculator

This calculator is intended as a general reference guide to estimate recommended spacing for a pair of rope access anchors on a roof, aligning with industry-advised parameters.

The final anchor system design must be conducted by a qualified professional. They should perform a comprehensive assessment of the specific work tasks and carefully plan the strategic placement of anchors to effectively mitigate risks.

Anticipated load vectors and potential force multipliers must be thoroughly analysed to ensure the anchor layout provides adequate safety factors.

The diagram provides details of the the below parameters:

  • AS: Anchor Spacing

  • AED: Anchor Edge Distance

  • SF: Swing Factor

  • YHA: Y Hang Angle from centre line

Rope access anchor distance calculator

To utilise the calculator effectively, you are required to input values for the intended anchor edge distance and the intended degrees for the Y hang angle from the centreline, as depicted in the provided image for example, a 90° Y hang divided by the projected load line is 45°.

Based on these inputs, the calculator will determine the appropriate anchor spacing to maintain a safe swing factor not exceeding 1500mm.